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WEZ Blackline Products

The damage caused by electrostatic discharge poses a serious threat to the electronics industry.The greatest risk comes from manual handling : the human body often carries electrostatic charges in excess of several thousand volts. Even low voltage 50V can destroy electrostatic sensitive devices.

ESD damage to products could cause a competitive disadvantage and may result in a potential loss of business. With this in mind all ESD sensitive products must be protected through all production and logistic phases with the WEZ BLACKLINE range.

BLACKLINE with a uniform and maintained electrical surface resistivity of 104 Ohms provides double protection against electrostatic discharge and mechanical damage.

All BLACKLINE products are IEC-61340-5-ff approved and certified!

WEZ BlackLine Conductive Containers offer both Faraday Cage & mechanical protection. The Faraday protection is maximized when used in combination with a WEZ Conductive Lid.

BLACKLINE products have been in service for many years throughout the world. From printed circuit boards and electronic components through to modules, the WEZ BLACKLINE has a cost effective solution to both mechanical and electrostatic damage for every application. This dual protection both reduces rejects at all stages of production and improves logistic investment in the BLACKLINE range will result in a quick pay-back period.

Modular Systems with Unlimited Possibilities

The wide range of modular systems provide an excellent protection against mechanical damage throughout production, storage and transportation due to its high impact strength and stability as well as reliability and quality of WEZ products.

The entire BLACKLINE product line is based on a modular interchangeability principle. System can be combined and expended as required. It is easily adjustable to the changing needs and condition in production, handling, storage and transportation.

ECCD offers custom design service for Dividers, PCB Racks & Foam Inserts to suit individual needs.

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