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Antistatic Smock/Overcoat

Unisex design
ESD warning symbol on breast pocket
Standard Colour: White or Blue
Available in Cotton & Polyester Fabrics

Antistatic Wristbands

Used to ground personnel
Available as individual wrist bands/straps or wrist band with coiled cord
Comfortable and easily adjustable
Available in varieties of adjustable elastic fabric or stainless steel (metal)
With 10mm Snap/Socket as standard, other snaps on request

Coiled Cords

Used along with wristbands
1MΩ Safety Resistor
Range of terminations/ends available

Antistatic Gloves

Standard Colour: White
Available in non-slip & cleanroom-compatible varieties

Antistatic Footwear

With ESD Symbol
Available in various types: Slippers, Sandals, Shoes, etc.
Available in various sizes

Antistatic Shoecovers

Non-woven, Disposable
Colour: Blue
Available in Non-Slip variety also
Available with or without Conductive Strip

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