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ESD Protection

The Static Problem

  • Static charges are developed by movement. Electrostatic charge is most commonly created by contact and separation of two materials. A person walking across the floor generates static electricity as shoe soles contact and then separate from the floor surface.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurs when the electrostatic charge is transferred from a material that carries the charge to all electrostatic sensitive devices.
  • Static electricity can damage or even destroy electronic components. And this problem exists during manufacturing, processing, repairing, and maintenance activities.
  • Static damage can go undetected for a period of time and results in product failure once the product is in device.

The Solution

  • The basic idea of a complete system that provides protection against electrostatic phenomena is to prevent the generation of static charges to the greatest extent possible and neutralise any existing ones.
  • The above criteria must be maintained throughout the working environment wherever components may be at risk. From supplies to final customer, care must be exercised at all stages.
  • ECCD has been providing customers meet these requirements for well over 29 years and has a wealth of ESD field experience to help in fight against static.

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