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Our History

Mr. S. K. Pasari, founder of Electronic Control Components & Devices (ECCD), is an electronics engineer from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra-Ranchi. Post his degree, he worked in an electronic manufacturing company of French collaboration. There he noticed that due to rough handling and improper pulling-out of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) from the storage lot, the stored PCBs were neither working in the control panel nor at servicing sites. Some components were found defective and soldering of components were also not proper. In an effort to resolve the issues of improper handling of PCBs, the seeds of ECCD were planted. He found the WEZ PCB Storage System suitable for protection from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) as well as from Mechanical Damage. He studied in detail and was convinced that a good market can be developed for these products in India. Thus, ECCD came into form with the idea to provide world class solutions for the proper handling of PCBs.

Mr SK Pasari & Mr Paul Rey, Marketing Director, WEZ Switzerland at the Taj Mahal in 1988When we started marketing of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Products in India in 1983, nobody was aware of these products. Electronic companies were reluctant in investing earlier, as they were using only ordinary wooden/plastic trays and they had ordinary working tables with them. They were also using ordinary plastic bags and plastic boxes for handling printed circuit boards/modules/components. We showed them that all plastic products generate huge static charges which damage their products and by using our products there will not be any build up of static charges. Most significantly, our products have life time warranty and there is only initial investment. We also demonstrated various WEZ products to the customers at their Works all over India. We explained them in detail how WEZ Electro-Conductive Products can be used for safe handling of Electronic Components, PCB Assemblies, Modules during Production, Testing, Handling, Storage and Transportation from mechanical damage and protection from Static Charges. Also, they provide order and easy identification of individual boards while handling.

We convinced our prospective customers in all ways about the superiority of our products and satisfied all their queries. We gave them our samples so that they can experience our products hands-on. We also assured them that if they use our products, the failure rating of their products will minimize and the longevity of their products will increase, hence, it will be a wise investment. Further, we also explained our prospective clients that our products would help them save high repair cost, prevent loss of reputation and maintain goodwill. On the whole, they would gain from our products and this would significantly enhance their operations in the long run.

Initially, we did not get any response for WEZ ESD products in the Indian market though people appreciated the products. They were convinced that WEZ Systems are the most sophisticated ones for handling Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Components to avoid possible damage from Electro-Static Charges.

We undertook extensive publicity by touring all parts of India making personal visits, organising widespread demonstrations to stalwarts in the electronics industry, publishing information about WEZ Products in all leading magazines and journals. In our opinion, WEZ Systems were decision-making products and hence we contacted competent people and tried our best to explain them the application of WEZ Products in detail. We campaigned for WEZ Products as Antistatic PCBs & Components Handling System in India. In this manner, WEZ Products were more clearly and well understood to the customers.

Our efforts and our convictions started to bear fruits. Initially, our customers made small investments which later culminated into large orders as they realized the importance of our products.

We have put tremendous efforts in the business promotion activity and today we have emerged victorious with a large number of satisfied customers. We have been successful in introducing WEZ Products to the Indian electronics industry. ECCD is well known for the supply of WEZ Antistatic PCBs/Components Handling Systems in India. Our clientele has increased by leaps and bounds over time. It includes almost all major electronics manufacturing companies in India.

Earlier the customs duty was very high at about 200%. Further, the above products were not under O.G.L. We were importing under import licence for which we were paying very high licence premium. We approached Government authorities and requested them to allow import under O.G.L. and reduce customs duty as well. We also had to pay high volume airfreight charges as mostly WEZ products are imported by air only.

Appreciation of WEZ Co-operation

We worked very hard and due to our great efforts, we established the market in India and got Exclusive Sole Representation Rights from M/s. WEZ Kunststoffwerk AG, Switzerland.

We are proud of being the Sole Partner of WEZ in India. Our achievement greatly lies in the best business co-operation WEZ has always extended to us.

We took great interest in Indian market during participation in Internepcon /Semiconductor India Exhibition held in November, 1986 in the presence of the then Marketing Director – Mr. Paul Rey. We arranged meetings for Mr. Rey with the top brass of our customers. He was very impressed and convinced with our marketing activities.

Product Development Suggestion

During interaction with our clients, we realised that some PCBs have components mounted on its edges. WEZ Circuit Board Holders and Printorama® Systems are suitable for cards which are not mounted with components right upto its edges (due to insertion in slots). When Mr. Paul Rey visited India in 1986, we had discussed about the requirement of Compartments Systems compatible with the 600x400mm and 400x300mm BlackLine® Containers and suggested to develop the suitable system which they later introduced as Divider System.

Similarly, a Cardex System was suggested to them by us for developing systems compatible with the 600x400mm and 400x300mm BlackLine® Containers for storage of cards horizontally in trays of 44mm for individual PCB. Now, the Drawer Box is available accommodating trays for PCBs.

Later, we also expressed our above views to our Principals during the WEZ Export Conference in 1988.

Market Position & Strategy

We are facing tough competition from domestic companies who have started manufacturing various antistatic products indigenously. Now, 400x300mm and 600x400mm containers of WEZ Designs, PCB Holders/Racks along with various Chinese products are locally available in the Indian market. However, their quality is much inferior. WEZ products are of excellent quality and highest standards and come with warranty for Conductive property during the lifetime of materials. They not only provide protection from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) but also provide an excellent protection against mechanical damage throughout production, storage and transportation due to its high impact strength and stability. High reliability and quality of these products is guaranteed through their ISO-9001 certified Quality-Management production processes. We provide complete custom solutions for safe handling of PCBs as per requirement.

Apart from WEZ Products, we have been supplying various Antistatic Materials & Products all over India. It has now become essential to use ESD products for producing quality products. There is a wide range of ESD products being offered by us, which are required for protection at all stages.

We are well experienced, technically sound and fully aware of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Products and their quality. We offer excellent quality of ESD products to our clients at most competitive prices. Our customers are entirely satisfied with our supplies.

ECCD has faced many challenges, pioneered many new facets of the industry and has today emerged as a market leader.

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